Legacy Orders

Please fill in your information to participate in the Napanee Raiders Leave a Legacy Project.  

For a minimum donation of $100, we will display an alumni member's name and years of service on a block the dressing room wall, on napaneeraiders.com, and in a visible location in the arena.  For a similar donation supporters can also have their name reflected on this web site and publicly within the arena. Supporter names can be expressed as an individual i.e. "Joe Fan," couple "Joe and Jill Fan," or "The Fan Family."

You can pay your donation by e-transfer at napaneeraiders@gmail.com,  by cheque payable to Napanee Raiders mailed c/o Adam Bramburger, 174 Dundas St, Box 238, Deseronto, ON K0K 1X0 or dropped off at Davis & Davis at 199 Richmond Blvd.  For cash donations, please contact napaneeraiders@gmail.com to arrange transfer.

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